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  Extension Cord or power with a power indicator light and switch, Extension cord and every one socket. An, power to expand, or extend the length of lead is a flexible power cable (flexible), a plug-in, the other end with one or more sets of Then the word on the other end (usually the same type of plug-ins). To extend the line to a different length and thickness, and service responsibilities. In general, the more power required for equipment, thick cord blood should be (that is, big line). Cord used outdoors, in moist areas, around the oil, or exposed to the sun a long time should choose a specific service. Other countries also require the use of the cable, but the Extension cord nature of the specific conditions and supervision is also different. However, most of Europe now extend the cable reel including automatic current cut-off in order to avoid misuse of the cable. This requires manually re-set, if the excessive current through the cable. To extend the Extension cord stretching SignalUSB mouse Extension cord sometimes referred to data cables, electricity, or both (for example, USB Extension cord). This type of cable has a convenient USB plug, we can not integrate into the centers, such as USB flash drives. However, they are more likely to be the so-called "extended" or "extended cable" or "Extension cord." Length, in order to avoid the need to introduce any extra length, so as to avoid the need for users to reduce the size of lines, extension cords, and sometimes the length of 1 minute pre-sales, 2 hours, 3 minutes, 2 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours 7 hours, 8 minutes , 9 hours, 10 minutes. Longer the length of the spinal cord should be greater to compensate for Extension cord voltage drop. The term usually refers to water mains (household AC) expansion, but also used to refer to the expansion of other types of cables. If the plugs and sockets of different types, the "device" can be used. Also used to extend the Extension cord, but has obvious significance for many people to Extension cord. In Europe and other parts of the normal 230-volt household voltage is about, but the smaller the risk of overheating caused by the fire through the cable to any specific power, as a result of lower current. To extend the Extension cord will also be some security features, such as polarized plugs and sockets, grounding terminal, a 'power' of the indicators, a melt-link, and even residual current device (also known as ground fault circuit interruption or GFCI).
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