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Building material choose and buy guidelines: switch socket purchasing "seven steps song"

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At present, the market switch socket breed diversity, the good and bad are intermingled, make do when consumer choose and buy, and power strip is not only a kind of household decorate a function, but also safe electricity supplies of main parts, its product quality, performance is qualitative to prevent fire, reduce loss to have crucial conclusive effect. The author pursues some brand switch socket marketing work, and in practice summarized a set of arguing serious bogus, actor electrician product little experience for consumers in choosing electrician product reference.
Eye view generally good product exterior level off, without burr peak, colour and lustre and material imported superior PC material, flame retardant performance good, although some product surfaces are bright and clean, seem to be coated with a layer of oil, but colour and lustre cadaverous, quality of a material is bulky, anti-flammability of bad, to the household electricity buried the fire hazard.
Manual good product panel very hard directly with the hand take down, must have the aid of certain specialized tools, whereas the typical non-mainstream cheap product is very easy to use hand take next cover, cause household and public indelicate. When the choice use forefinger, thumb points according to the surface cover diagonally into endpoints, end hold motionless, another end forcibly pressure, surface cover looseness and heavy-lidded, product quality is poorer, conversely quality reliable.
Ear listens to press switch function gently pieces, slide type sound more mild, feel more smooth, fast-tempoed criterion quality is excellent, Conversely, open the sound when not pure, move feeling, SeZhi has midway intermittent state's voice is poor quality.
See a structure 1, at present than gm's switch structure has two kinds: slide type and swinging rod type. Slide type switch voice is abundant, feel elegant comfortable. Swinging rod type sound is ringing, has a little clang, elimination arc and service life than traditional slide type structure more stable, mature technology. 2, double orifice linking piece wiring a screw and line pressing safer. By the former adding wire and electric parts, resistance to oxidation contact area, it's not easy to change looseness and poor contact for disabled; etc. While the latter screws in a strong easily when crushed conductor, the contact area small, make electrical parts easy oxidation, aging, leading to poor contact. At present good products all adopt double orifice linking piece wiring way.
Than select material switch silver conductive ability strong, calorific value less, safety performance is high, contacts adopts copper material is performance big discounts, Socket materials used in the tin copper available phosphorus born with the best strength, toughness, elastic parameters such as reeds, than is commonly brass decuple, the electrical outlet of durable and rarely have a plug-in boards when strong arc burned-out socket phenomenon, Gold-plated reed needle extremely difficult to oxidation, stable performance, can guarantee the quality of data transmission, clear true, accurately and rapidly.
See logo on the market at present commonly used domestic generally rated current of the switch, socket for areconcluded by current for 10, air conditioning, water heater socket bigger have positive identification, good product areconcluded by available current strength, and inferior product logo fuzzy, data exaggerated, unable to determine whether can mark rated current of the safety and not worry about through the house full of smoke.
Confess brand famous brand products by time, market of the strict test, is the accepted safe product in consumer memory, whether material qualitative, quality all strictly, packaging, transportation, display, image design each respect to all have high grade flow, product of famous brand electrician is not only a safe and electrical engineering function supplies, more one delicate, elegant, which reflects decorous culture savours of art.
Is today a chase fashionable era, electrical supplies though not a mass daily consumer goods, but with the mobile phone is same, the design of elegant unsurpassed, style the design of each different, the originality of originality all is for the life safer, more comfortable.
Actually, no matter from which for the respect, I think domestic choose and buy should choose some famous brand, these products not only excellent quality, novel design, norms diversity, more important is safe and reliable.







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