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Choose qualified socket household safety of electricity

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As household the power supply socket connector, its safety performance is directly related to the consumer's life and property security. Especially at present domestic electrical load increasing, use inferior socket extremely easy to trigger a serious family fire. But, according to a new socket industry consumption habits of survey, almost all of the consumer is buying large electric will on careful consideration, but only 10% consumer is buying a socket will carefully chosen, most consumer think socket just household appliances accessories products, so pursue cheap, graph is convenient, and ignore the socket most important safety performance. This "it must and use the" mentality, virtually brought to consumer greater security hidden danger. To this, plug the expert warns broad citizen, high-temperature electricity hidden trouble, choose and buy socket careful.
According to the socket of relevant industry figures show that quite a number of sockets on market now not up to national standards, some socket the power cord is very fine, and impurities, electric power largish will soften hair is very hot, and even cause fire; Some internal pieces of copper, copper materials poor enough, lack of flexible enough thickness, causing plugs and internal pieces of copper contacts between undesirable, increase calorific value, thus sparking even spontaneous combustion occurs, setting fire tragedy.
So which of the components is inferior socket fires the culprit? To this, socket expert special remind, plug wire, shell and jack panel, internal copper pieces as well as any link if quality control lax, may bring serious fire hazards. Consumers can lead to sales on the market at present the bulls socket, for example, from the above aspects and inferior socket comparison, practice, carefully chosen.none, eliminate fire hazards.
Judging from the power cord, with high quality and good performance TongXin conductive can better prevent fires. For example, high power socket felt soft hard moderate, and socket ontology connection sturdy. And more than double layer by high quality outlet wire, three-ply power per share, fever reached 0.75 mm2 section is small, can bear larger electrical load, ensure electric safety. In addition, good electrical outlet will adopt high quality TongXin conductor, flexural capacity is strong, have toughness, conductive performance is good, not because of electrical load increases while the fire danger occurs. And inferior socket's power strip feel soft, partial strong, insulating layer didn't connect seemingly very thick, actual using renewable plastic, easily because of aging and rupture, and only two strands of inferior power socket, cross section is only 0.3 mm2 below, conductive performance is poor, not only such, inferior socket TongXin material is very poor, impurity, low melting point, unable to bear large electrical load, and in summer peak, very easy to unbearable heavy burden and spontaneous combustion, causing serious fires.
Judging from the shell and jack panel, good flame retardancy can better prevent fire accident. Good socket smooth surface, have certain gloss, without burr, well made, jack panel made PC material alloy, flame retardant performance is strong, 750 ? high temperature does not burn, high safety, And inferior socket often choosing normal engineering plastics as raw materials, coarsely, flame retardant performance is poor, once the fire, consequence is unimaginable.
Judging from the internal pieces of copper, flexibility is good and thicker high-quality copper is the key to prevent fire. The internal quality socket by phosphor bronze material qualitative copper, nickel plating processing, surface is as high as 0.5 mm thickness, discusses the small, conductive performance is good, will fire hidden minimized; And inferior sockets of brass, copper only USES ordinary surface without any processing, ply is usually 0.4 millimeter, big, easy calorific value under oxidation corrosion, tenacity is poor, after long-term application, very easily, cause plugs and deformation shift between plug set to the family poor contact, electricity buried serious fire hazards.







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