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Domestic and international environmental protection industry coatings development direction

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Along with the people of atmospheric pollution problem the attention of more and more high, in a certain scale tuzhuangFacilities for use on solvent-based coating will reveal many disadvantages.Therefore, in the steel furniture field inevitable requirement to solvent-based coating from Water-borne coatings The transformation, this process in foreign started early (and the Chinese paint enterprise also have realized the importance of water-borne coatings, began to put his sights on waterborne coatings market).In recent years, pollutants and register (PRTR) system for the promotion, but also accelerated the process of advancing to water-borne coatings, powder spraying coatings,powder Coating is not solvent coating trends to be more active, adopts the solvent-based coating of industrial production enterprises are also increasing.But on the other hand, water-borne coatings, powder coatings, powder spraying coatings etc compared with solvent-based coating in the same colour effect management, surfacc preparation, eliminate the burnish on require more professional.The current production cost is relatively high, cause sales The price is relatively high.

Recently, as people opposite solvent-based coating contains formaldehyde hazard substances understanding on the coatings greatly improved, such as formaldehyde hazard substances in the evasion of the need to choose people more actuates solvent-based coating using the industrial products.For prone to "ill building syndrome" white-collar, it more hope in working environment from using solvent-based coating of items, such as steel desk, etc.

Home appliance

Appliances coating methods can be roughly divided into after molding again surface coating (way) and first after coating for steel plates for coating, molding again after processing combination (before coating way) two kinds.

After coating on means, generally by purchaser (appliances manufacturers) for surfacc preparation.If you are using solvent-based coating, it is commonly used Epoxy resin Coating as a primer, alkyd resin coating as topcoat on besmear 2 "2" coating baked.If using a powder coating, basically use Polyester resin Coating were 1 besmear 1 baking painting (request forms the thick film).

On the other hand, the former coating on means, steel manufacturers through special coating production line for coating burn pay homework, then to demanders (appliances manufacturers) processing combination.PreCoatMetal This coating good steel (hereinafter called PreCoatMetal merchants PCM).

Before coating way in coating forming the basis of the steel plate, a combined into electrical appliances product after coating way is more rational, and in more professional surfacc preparation, system, so to get a clear division of development.Especially in recent years, have both pollution resistant, weather resistant function of coating technology development, real ground push appliances before coating the process.With the applicable scope of the former coating steel for electrical appliances product of expanding, high hardness, functional (workability and pollution resistant, weather), high of loop-formed higher requirements.In order to improve the corrosion resistance of the electrical appliances product, home appliance surface treatment of the primer containing tend to use hexavalent chromium compounds chrome antirust pigment.From the point of view of environmental protection look, people to oneself health concerns will make excluding hexavalent chromium chrome-free coating demand of unceasing enhancement, chrome-free coating will naturally be popular.

In addition, about home appliance with plastic coatings, always all is the use of raw materials from petroleum products, and the future trends of the inevitable is looking for new raw material to replace petroleum chemical raw materials.At present, the use of renewable of plant material of starch coating is one of the developing direction.

power strip

The distributor although partitioned into heavy electric machinery field, but in general factory production equipment also have extensive use, therefore the distributor use environment is very complicated, as an outdoor exposure, salt harm, the drug environment, etc.

The coating way to the distributor has always been by adding high film thickness change to achieve high resistance to corrosion, high endure-climate property, high resistance wait for a variety of functional requirement.

In manufacturing the distributor of raw materials, ordinary plate goods generally use can through coating production line for mass production of burn FuXing coating, in plate and other large products is commonly used often dry type coating.
















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