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Chinese New Year gift more kinds of "safety originality" into this year gifts trend

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The footstep of the Spring Festival drew nearer, the annual gifts season also then come to.Reporter in the interview to understand, this year, by contrast, gift items have increasedmany pattern, people's conceptions gifts happened quite a change, send health, send green, send happy become citizens choose gifts is the main factor, but this is to "send safety" is the fundamental premise.

Reporter in visit process accidental discovery, safe and reliable, beautiful contour fashion socket is "safe" best witness send.By Beijing breakthrough electric Co., LTD production wisdom of high quality safety socket, for example, many consumers said they would regard it as Christmas gift. "2011 is a safe years, our company intends to purchase a batch of to employees, deserve to go up again a security CARDS, both new and meaning."A safety production enterprise procurement director Mr Zhang said.Therefore, people choose Chinese New Year gift ideas are slowly changing, begin to pay close attention to more details, deeper feeling.Peace and happy New Year is the best blessing to relatives and friends, if you take this blessing into truth "visible safety, unexpected surprise" donative them, this is the best New Year gift.From that perspective, choose safe, beautiful, fashionable socket as gifts, it is indeed a very good gifts way.

By 2010, several great fire and electrical appliances caused by accidents, make people aware of the importance of "safe electricity".A small electrical outlet, is not only related to electrical safety, but also related to people's life and property security, its importance is self-evident.In the past, because the poor are "socket image gift bounded" shut out.Nowadays, with the rising of the market demand, and their sockets in ensuring safe performance of basis, gradually become more beautiful, more fashionable feeling.New product with breakthrough sagacious series C1041 TZ - for example, its original triangle body design break routine, more stereo vision,Technology feels dye-in-the-wood function panel first will LED technology introduced socket field and makes more and electric socket environment, family environment foil each other, bring out the best in each other,And inserted panel design, can let cant visual environment more clean, and make use of more convenient."Safety", is the metacreative + fashion.

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