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The small size of the MinoHD makes it easy to take along everywhere, but I found it difficult to handhold for fairly long periods of time. Without a tripod, the 37-minute speech of former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros  I recorded recently at a conference in Austin, TX has its shaky moments. The unit has a tripod socket and a small table-top tripod would be a good accessory; you could also use the tripod  as a make-shift pistol grip for long recording sessions.  For a suggested list price of $14.00  you can get a genuine Flip Video tripod.

As I noted above, there's a flip-out USB arm that plugs directly into your computer to recharge the internal lithium battery, but I wouldn't recommend doing this on, say, my iMac computer. The camcorder would dangle in the air and possibly bend or break the arm. Instead, I used a USB extension cord  to plug one end into the arm and the other into my computer's USB slot. The instruction card suggests using an extension cord, too, under certain circumstances.  Flip Video sells a separate power adapter, but they should have included an extension cord like mine with the unit. Fortunately, I had one in my inventory.

Plugging the MinoHD into the computer downloads software that enables you to edit the video and e-mail it, as well as posting videos on Facebook, YouTube and MySpace (does anyone use MySpace anymore??) and other sharing sites, which I'm guessing will be the major use of this sleek device. I'm a Macintosh person and I found no difficulty installing the software on my iMac. It doesn't work with pre-Intel Macs, like my G4 Mac laptop. Since this review appeared, I've added a Mac mini and it works fine with that computer.  Of course, the Flip is also compatible with Windows-based PCs.




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