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Conquer your tech clutter for spring

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With all the gadgets and techno toys in the house, we are always at a shortage of outlets. When we break down and add a power strip, it creates an unsightly mess of cords that we try (unsuccessfully) to hide under the bed or desk. Allow us to introduce you to the "Bluelounge Mini Cablebox," a nifty box designed to house, and hide, your power strip and tangle of cables. It comes in lots of colors, even yellow, orange or green, so you don't have to trade style for function. For less than $30 you can compartmentalize like a pro.

Almost as frustrating is the inability to fit all the chargers for our handheld devices on one power strip. One great alternative is the Belkin Conserve Valet. About the size of a paperback book, the Conserve Valet will charge up to four USB powered devices with only one AC adapter, leaving your outlets free for hmmm lighting? Heck, you may be able to ditch the bedside power strip all together. One of the best parts is that you'll never again waste 30 minutes scouring the house for your cell phone or your MP3 player if they are all at one handy charging station.




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