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Regina man encourages extension cord bylaw change through summer

4/24/2011 6:33:31 PM  Hit:7
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Klassen was fined in November for running an extension cord over a sidewalk to his car parked on the street in front of his home during subzero temperatures.
"In the 14 years that this bylaw has been in effect, there have only been roughly 400 tickets given out, which says to me the city realizes that there's a necessity," he said. "So not everybody is vehemently, aggressively targeting these cords, they realize there's a problem."
Klassen was found guilty this past week when he tried to fight the $25 fine associated with breaking the bylaw. The judge acknowledged Klassen had a good argument, but because the law was in effect at the time, Klassen was found guilty.
He's hopeful him raising the issue will get the ball moving again with city council, which put forward a motion in December to look at alternatives.
"I'd love to see this follow through during the summer here, that way next year nobody gets this ticket," he said, adding that he's also on city council's interested parties list and intends to have imput through the decision process.

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