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Wet Circuits?“Waterproof?Power Strip Is Anything But

5/2/2011 8:18:51 PM  Hit:6
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Remember this goofy video? It features “Dr?Jolin in some of the worst dubbing this side of the USA Network’s Kung-Fu Theatre and a power strip that apparently can withstand the ravages of water. The strip costs $70 and, to put it succinctly, it does not work.

Test this thing out two ways: first by pouring water on it and then by dunking it in a bucket. Both times it stopped working ?presumably shorting out ?and then started working after the water drained through. However, it simply does not work when initially exposed to water.

For $70 I’d expect a bit more usability out of this thing. As it stands, the best thing about this junk are the videos. I would not recommend this to anyone, especially at the price advertised.



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