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Alternatives to Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

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Several years ago I purchased a brand new, self-propelled gasoline powered lawn mower. At the time,  I had no idea about the amount of air pollution that is generated by gas powered lawn mowers.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average gasoline powered mower engine, in just one hour of use, will expel the same amount of pollutants as driving a car for 200 miles.

During hot summer weather these pollutants help to increase the amount of ground level ozone which contributes to poor quality outdoor air. Fortunatel,y there are environmently-friendly alternatives to using gas powered lawn mowers.

Electric lawn mowers are available that run using an extension cord attached to an outlet or cordless models which use batteries for a power source. The advantage to using a corded model is unlimited operating time, but the operator needs to keep the cord out of the way of the mower.

A cordless electric mower eliminates the need for an extension cord while mowing, but its run time is usually limited to about an hour of use before recharging the batteries. The only source of air pollution caused by electric mowers comes from the power plant that generates the electricity to power the motor.




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