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Rig a backpack to charge electronics

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Put a power strip in a backpack to charge packed electronics.

When I started flying regularly as a teenager, I'd make a game of taking as little luggage as possible, a skill that serves me well in this era of airlines charging for checked bags.

The only electronics I packed at that time were my camera and sometimes a Walkman. That's a portable tape player, for those of you who teethed on an iPod.

Last February I went on a four-day press trip on a cruise ship. I took a little flat bag for my clothes and purse, and a standard backpack for my little plastic bag of toiletries and anything else I needed. It was the anything else that blew me away; laptop, cellphone, digital camera, wireless headset, Kindle for on the plane, iPod for working out; and all the wires, docks and remote batteries necessary to charge them.

My cabin had one outlet ?in the bathroom. My computer spent a lot of time charging in the tub.

When I got home I decided to start packing an outlet strip in my backpack with the charging wires already attached, then hook up each device as I packed it. I could keep the devices in the pack when I didn't need them, and charge them by feeding the strip's wire out of the pack and plugging it into the wall. When I needed a device, I'd unhook it from its charging wire and pull it out of the pack. Co-workers who saw the pack loved the idea, so I thought I'd share it.





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