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Traffic injuries, falls, and fire damage first three rows of the community

12/7/2011 12:47:31 AM  Hit:2
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Communities they live is safe, many people desire. What standard is meant to achieve safe communities? What are the factors threatening community safety? Dongshan, Jiangning District in the streets, these being the research. As the first city to create a safe community to carry out the streets, most recently, Jiangning District innings lead joint departments, the community of Dongshan Street 16 1600 households, 503 businesses, nearly 6,000 small place, hundreds of schools and the hospital had a "safe diagnosis" of the residents at home, the district, the road accident, or suffer a criminal offense, fire and other damage sample survey of the situation.

The results show that in the context of the family around, the top three highest frequency of accidents and injuries are traffic injuries, falls and fires.

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Community safety as thoroughly, Jiangning Dong Shan residents survey 1600

Security community concept originated in Europe, now China's 18 provinces, municipalities have been completed more than 200 areas and streets to create work. At present, Jiangning Dong Hill was identified as the pilot city striving for safe community.

It is understood that the community involved in traffic safety, fire, workplace, home, elderly, children, schools, public places, wading, disaster prevention and mitigation, environmental security and social security and other aspects, and to carry out community safety diagnosis, it is top priority.

Dongshan street working group set up home security, home security to carry out household surveys, community sample of 100 each, a total of 1600 people carried out relevant investigations, response rate 100%.

The contents of the investigation involves a wide range. Such as electricity, investigators will investigate whether people take Luanche power strip private wires, premise wiring, sockets and electrical eligibility; in the gas side, will investigate whether the residents regularly clean the hood, exhaust fan, whether or unauthorized modification or private connection pipe outlet such acts.

Investigate whether the pet is content, because it would appear to reflect the community's probability of wounding pets.

Survey found that traffic injuries, falls and fire damage came in the top three

Investigation team also surveyed residents since 2009, incidents of family members was carried out with the injury statistics, and community harm resulting frequency list.

Survey found around the home accidents and injuries, the highest frequency of the top three are traffic injuries, falls and fires. Injury shows the distribution of key locations at home, road, transport is a major injury had occurred. Among them, transportation, home location of the injury accounted for 35.71% and the total number of 28.57%.

Family of injury mainly concentrated in the kitchen and corridor locations, etc., mainly due to a fall, forgot to pull the iron was open bottle burns, hand-cut vegetable and so on. Road transport injuries were mainly concentrated in the fast-moving vehicle bumps, bruises or battery shop collision occurs when crossing the road traffic accidents.

Primary and secondary schools in the type of injury in accidents, falls topped the list, accounting for 54%, followed by bumps, accounting for 21%, and then to fall, accounting for 7.4%. In addition, bites, burns and scratches. According to analysis, the formation of these injuries, partly because youth activities are more vulnerable to injuries. The scratches and bites occur in the nursery, because of their age characteristics of children in the form of counterattack in self-defense, they take way for grasping and biting mouth.

Local communities will be based on "diagnostic report" level of security

Such a detailed diagnostic report after the introduction, not only caused Jiangning District relevant departments, many residents expressed interest in the results.

For example, in home security, the survey found that residents have a sense of security, theft in general have a higher awareness, but lack of awareness of prevention and other security risks, such as the possible cause of a fire hazard, the elderly and children easily injured in the kitchen corridor and so on. In addition, many residents of some basic first aid knowledge is not very clear, the family is not equipped with basic first aid kit and other extension cord supplies or escape, the whole self-help self-defense capability is poor. Especially in the traffic safety awareness is clearly insufficient. Currently, the Dongshan Street Promotion Committee has been established security community, from social security, home safety, workplace, traffic safety, school safety, fire safety has formulated six corresponding safety measures focus on interventions to reduce harm. The community is also enhanced safety awareness, first aid knowledge to help residents reserve safety and better protect their personal safety.


At present, Jiangning An supervision departments and Dongshan street is reflected in the report for diagnostic follow-up to security risks, "fix", and striving for the first national security community in Nanjing.
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